Saturday, March 21, 2009

Internet Business With Blog ( part 3 )

The key
of the business Internet with blog to be successful only
one, namely traffick. Traffick is the number of visitors who go to our blog. The more visitors the better and will make
our increasingly crowded blog. Advertising opportunities that we attach to the blog
click-in will be the greater. Traffik can earn from our Search
Engine, links exchange with another blogger, join the community
blog, the mailing list, blogwalking and many others.
But from a variety of ways to bring traffick, the
Where did the most powerful to attract visitors? If you
ask this question to the master internet business, answers
and they certainly have to be sure of is the Search Engine.
Yes it can .. If you links exchange with others, how you do it in 1 hour. I think not more
of 20 times and not click
ad. Because you get to the link exchange is also blogger
thatalso likely to run a business through the internet blog
its the same as you. So the possibility is small to click
your ad. Even if you use other ways such as manual blogwalking and comments, is only to each other and strengthen friendship between the blogger, and for each other and share
sharing knowledge.
Join the community and mailing list are also able to bring
traffick, but it's only the result is still far when compared with the
traffick from search engines. If you are charming and can make the word
keyword (keyword) you select for your blog and articles, surely
the visitor came from many different countries to your blog
through search engines.


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