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Artist Biography - Britney Spears

More than any other single artist, Britney Spears was the driving force behind the return of teen pop in the late '90s. The blockbuster success of the Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys certainly paved the way for her own commercial breakthrough, but Spears didn't just become a star -- she was a bona fide pop phenomenon. Not only did she sell millions of records, she was a media fixture regardless of what she was (or wasn't) doing; among female singers of the era (many of whom followed in her footsteps), her celebrity star power was rivaled only by Jennifer Lopez. From the outset, Spears' sex appeal was an important part of her image. The video for her debut single, "...Baby One More Time," outfitted her in full Catholic-school regalia and sent her well on the way to becoming an international sex symbol. Yet Spears' handlers seemed to be trying to have it both ways -- there was a definite tension between the wholesome innocence Spears tried to project for her female audience, and the titillating sexuality that enticed so many male fans. Those marketing tactics made Spears a somewhat controversial figure, the subject of endless debates concerning appropriate role models for teenage girls. Early on, Spears tried to defuse the controversy by preaching abstinence until marriage, and even denied that she was consciously cultivating such a sexualized image. Of course, the more provocative and revealing her on-stage wardrobe became, the less plausible that claim seemed. But apart from her ability to tiptoe the line between virginal coquette and brazen tart, Spears had a secret weapon in Swedish pop mastermind Max Martin, who had a hand in the vast majority of her hits as a writer and/or producer. With Martin crafting the sort of contemporary dance-pop and sentimental ballads that made stars of the Backstreet Boys, Spears kept on delivering the goods commercially, as her first three albums all topped the charts. Britney Jean Spears was born December 2, 1981, in the small town of Kentwood, LA, and began performing as a singer and dancer at a young age. With a nationally televised appearance on Star Search already under her belt, Spears auditioned for the Disney Channel's The New Mickey Mouse Club at age eight. The producers turned her down as too young, but one of them took an interest and introduced her to an agent in New York. Spears spent the next three years studying at the Professional Performing Arts School, and also appeared in several television commercials and off-Broadway plays. At 11, she returned to The New Mickey Mouse Club for a second audition, and this time made the cut. Although her fellow Mouseketeers included an impressive array of future stars -- *NSYNC's Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez, Christina Aguilera, and Felicity actress Keri Russell -- the show was canceled after Spears' second season. She returned to New York at age 15 and set about auditioning for pop bands and recording demo tapes, one of which eventually landed her a deal with Jive Records. Spears entered the studio with top writer/producers like Eric Foster White (Boyzone, Whitney Houston, Backstreet Boys) and Max Martin (Ace of Base, Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC). In late 1998, Jive released her debut single, the Martin-penned "...Baby One More Time." Powered by its video, in which Spears and a troupe of dancers were dressed as Catholic-school jailbait, the single shot to the top of the Billboard charts. When Spears' debut album of the same title was released in early 1999, it entered the charts at number one and stayed there for six weeks. Once the ubiquitous lead single died down, the album kept spinning off hits: the Top Ten "(You Drive Me) Crazy," the near-Top 20 ballad "Sometimes," and the Top 20 "From the Bottom of My Broken Heart." By the end of 1999, ...Baby One More Time had sold ten million copies, and went on to sell a good three million more on top of that. Its success touched off a wave of young pop divas that included Christina Aguilera, Pink, Jessica Simpson, and Mandy Moore. Spears was a superstar, drooled over in countless magazines, including a Rolling Stone cover that prompted immediate speculation about the still-17 year old having received breast implants. By the time ...Baby One More Time finally started to lose steam on the singles and album charts, Spears was ready to release her follow-up. Oops!...I Did It Again appeared in the spring of 2000, and the title track was an instant smash, racing into the Top Ten. The album itself entered the charts at number one and sold over a million copies in its first week of release, setting a new record for single-week sales by a female artist. Follow-up singles included "Lucky," the gold-selling "Stronger," and "Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know," which was co-written by country diva Shania Twain and her producer Mutt Lange. A year after its release, Oops!...I Did It Again had sold over nine million copies. Rumors that Spears was dating *N Sync heartthrob (and fellow ex-Mouseketeer) Justin Timberlake were eventually confirmed, which only added to the media attention lavished on her. For her next album, Spears looked ahead to a not-so-distant future when both she and much of her audience would be growing up. Released in late 2001, Britney tried to present the singer as a more mature young woman, and was accompanied by mild hints that her personal life wasn't always completely puritanical. It became her third straight album to debut at number one, although this time around the singles weren't as successful; "I'm a Slave 4 U," "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman," and "Overprotected" all missed the Top Ten. In early 2002, Spears' feature-film debut, Crossroads, hit theaters, but its commercial performance was somewhat disappointing; moreover, her romance with Timberlake fizzled not long after. Spears next made a cameo appearance in Mike Myers' Austin Powers: Goldmember, and contributed a remix of "Boys" to the soundtrack. Meanwhile, sales of Britney stalled at four million copies, perhaps in part because a new breed of teenage female singer/songwriters, like Michelle Branch and Avril Lavigne, was emerging as an alternative to the highly packaged teen queens. Spears took a break from recording and performing for several months, and began work on a new album in early 2003. The results, In the Zone, reflected a wish to be taken seriously as a mature (though still highly sexualized) adult. Predictably, it topped the charts and launched several singles into orbit, including the musically adventurous "Toxic," "Everytime," and "Me Against the Music." In the Zone hit number one on the Billboard 200, and "Toxic" snagged a Grammy for Best Dance Recording. But by 2004 there were no longer any illusions of Britney's personal life being all wholesome candy canes and kisses. First there was the star's bizarre two-day marriage to childhood friend Jason Alexander, followed by the controversial, highly sexualized Onyx Hotel tour, which was eventually canceled (allegedly because of a knee injury) despite positive financial numbers. Starbucks and cigarettes were Britney's constant accessories in the endless paparazzi photos, and the revelation of her relationship with former backup dancer Kevin Federline made the tabloids even more ravenous. Spears and Federline married in September and were tabloid regulars in the months after the ceremony. (A photo of a barefoot Britney leaving a dingy gas station bathroom made the Internet rounds.) The couple also starred in Chaotic, a UPN reality show consisting mostly of their own home videos that was met with howls from the critics and blogs. 2005 was no less eventful for Spears. She released Greatest Hits: My Prerogative that January, but it was the announcement of her pregnancy that really garnered the headlines. Sean Preston Federline was born in September, and a bidding war ensued for first rights to the baby photos. As the hubbub surrounding Sean's birth continued, Britney released a remix album just in time for the holiday season. In 2006, Spears discovered she was pregnant again; shortly after the birth of her second son, Jayden James Federline, she divorced Federline, thus sparking a long string of custody battles that were eventually settled in Federline's favor. Following another headline-grabbing incident in early 2007 (in which Spears spontaneously shaved her head at a salon in Tarzana, CA, much to the delight of nearby photographers), Spears sought help at Malibu's Promises Treatment Center. After leaving the center, she began working on her comeback album and performed a few small shows at House of Blues locations in Los Angeles, San Diego, Anaheim, and Las Vegas that May. Despite ongoing turmoil in her life that summer and fall -- including a disastrous performance at MTV's Video Music Awards -- Blackout arrived in October 2007. It proved to be her least successful album to date, charting three Top 40 hits but failing to achieve platinum certification within its first year of release. Spears' public image was dealt more blows in early 2008, when she lost custody of her children, made several court appearances, and was placed on involuntary psychiatric hold two times in one month. Blackout nevertheless won several MTV-sponsored awards, including "Album of the Year" from the Europe Music Awards in November 2008. That same fall, the leadoff single from Spears' next record, "Womanizer," became her first number one single in nearly a decade. The full-length Circus arrived in December, featuring a mix of syrupy ballads and uptempo dance numbers that were designed to fuel Spears' comeback. ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide.

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Genre: Horror/Suspense

Theatrical Release:Jan 30, 2009 Wide

Starring: Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen, Xander Berkeley

Director: Pierre Morel

Liam Neeson is an unstoppable force in this adrenaline-fueled thriller from director Pierre Morel. Bryan (Neeson) has taken early retirement from the CIA in order to live closer to his teenage daughter, Kim (Maggie Grace). Bryan's government work kept him away from Kim for much of her childhood, and he's now trying to make up for lost time. When Kim announces that she's taking a trip to Paris with her friend Amanda (Katie Cassidy), Bryan is apprehensive about her traveling on her own. His worst fear is soon realized, as Kim and Amanda are abducted upon their arrival in France. Bryan immediately springs into action, using his well-honed CIA skills to piece together clues from a single, frantic phone call he received from Kim. He hops a plane to Paris, determined to rescue his daughter before she falls off the grid completely. With some help from his old CIA buddies, he tracks down the kidnappers--an Albanian crime ring known for selling young girls into the sex trade. He quickly takes matters into his own hands, plowing his way through Paris's underworld as the clock ticks down and the bullets fly. His search propels him into the upper echelons of a massive crime ring, putting him closer and closer to his beloved daughter. Neeson is known for tackling extremely cerebral roles, so it is interesting to see him in full-on action-hero mode. In TAKEN he is no less than a crime-fighting machine--a Bourne/Bond hybrid with a deathly serious baritone. And while he spends most of the film firing Uzis and snapping necks, he still manages to deliver a moving performance as an estranged father fighting for what he loves most in the world. The film undeniably owes a lot to Neeson's acting chops. He manages to raise this rather thinly plotted, deeply violent film a bar above your typical action fare.

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Genre: Childrens

Theatrical Release:
Feb 6, 2009 Wide

Starring: Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher, John Hodgman, Dawn French

Director: Henry Selick

As covetous children are often warned: "Be careful what you wish for." It’s this very cautionary wisdom that sets the stage for Henry Selick’s CORALINE, an eerily eye-popping stop-motion animation tale of fractured dreams and families made whole. As the films opens, Coraline Jones (voiced by Dakota Fanning) and her parents (Teri Hatcher, John Hodgman) have moved into the Pink Palace, a once-vibrant boarding house that’s turned drab and dilapidated. As her parents work feverishly on a new gardening catalog, the bored and belligerent Coraline is admonished to explore her new world’s possibilities. Along the way she meets her fellow tenants, including two aging English showgirls and a mouse-training Russian acrobat, as well as an outcast neighborhood boy named Wybie. But it is a mysterious hidden door that most piques Coraline’s interest--a gateway to a parallel world where her "other" parents and neighbors live only to see Coraline well fed and endlessly entertained. All is not cakes and carnivals for Coraline, though, and the black buttons that have replaced the eyes of these otherworldly imitations hint at darker intentions. When these intentions are revealed, Cora and a friendly magical cat use their wits and willpower to defeat Coraline’s wicked "other mother" and restore balance in the real world. Based on Neil Gaiman’s beloved children’s novel, director Selick (THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS) uses the stop-motion technique to bring CORALINE to life with amazing visual and emotional depth. The result is a frightfully magical adventure that will give the whole family plenty to shriek, cheer, and talk about.

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Friday the 13th

Genre: Horror/Suspense

Theatrical Release:Feb 13, 2009 Wide

Starring: Jared Padalecki, Danielle Panabaker, Aaron Yoo, Amanda Righetti

Director: Marcus Nispel

After making a bloody splash with his redo of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, director Marcus Nispel tackles another beloved horror franchise with FRIDAY THE 13TH. SUPERNATURAL's Jared Padalecki, DISTURBIA's Aaron Yoo, and CLOVERFIELD's Odette Yustman star in this remake that finds camp counselors being picked off one by one. FREDDY VS. JASON screenwriters Damian Shannon and Mark Swift provide the script, while Michael Bay serves as one of the film's producers.

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British director Danny Boyle takes another intriguing career turn with this heartfelt underdog tale. Jamal Malik (Dev Patel) is a street kid (or "slumdog") who has landed an appearance on India's version of the hit TV game show WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE? Jamal exceeds expectations on the show, and the producers alert the police after they become suspicious of his methods. The young contestant is subsequently arrested and is interrogated at the hands of a nameless police inspector (played by Bollywood star Irfan Khan). As the interrogation proceeds, Boyle tells Jamal's story through harrowing flashbacks that both show the terrible poverty of Mumbai and help explain how he knew the answers to the MILLIONAIRE questions. SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE is a tightly woven story that has been expertly edited into shape. The contrast between Jamal's upbringing and his chance of escaping it on the show are adeptly juxtaposed. Mumbai is portrayed as a place of terrifying poverty and unforgettable brutality, and Jamal and his brother get into a never-ending succession of challenging situations. But the way Boyle ties together Jamal's life experiences with his answers on the show is quite brilliant, and the film really does run the full gamut of emotions as we see him growing up, falling in love, coming close to death, and teetering on the brink of escaping from his terrible predicament. The film belongs to Boyle's cast, who are mostly unknown outside of India. Patel, in particular, gives a startlingly mature performance that audiences are likely to remember long after the credits role on this affecting feature.

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Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail

At long last, Madea returns to the big screen in Tyler Perry's Madea Goes To Jail. This time America's favorite irreverent, pistol-packin' grandmomma is raising hell behind bars and lobbying for her freedom...Hallelujer!

After a high-speed freeway chase puts Madea (TYLER PERRY) in front of the judge, her reprieve is short-lived as anger management issues get the best of her and land her in jail. A gleeful Joe (TYLER PERRY) couldn't be happier at Madea's misfortune. But Madea's eccentric family members the Browns (DAVID and TAMELA MANN) rally behind her, lending their special "country" brand of support.

Meanwhile, Assistant District Attorney Joshua Hardaway (DEREK LUKE) is on the fast track to career success. But Hardaway lands a case too personal to handle - defending young prostitute and former drug addict Candace Washington (KESHIA KNIGHT PULLIAM) - and asks his fiancée and fellow ADA Linda Holmes (ION OVERMAN) to fill in on his behalf. When Candace ends up in jail, Madea befriends the young woman, protecting her in a "motherly" way as only Madea can.

Lionsgate and TPS Present A Reuben Cannon/Lionsgate Production of Tyler Perry's Madea Goes To Jail. Based on Perry's successful stage play, Tyler Perry's Madea Goes To Jail is produced, written and directed by Tyler Perry. The film is produced by Reuben Cannon. Tyler Perry's Madea Goes To Jail also stars RONREACO LEE, SOFIA VERGARA, VANESSA FERLITO, VIOLA DAVIS, ROBIN COLEMAN and BOBBI BAKER.

Starring: Tyler Perry, Derek Luke, Keshia Knight Pulliam, David Mann

Director: Tyler Perry

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He's Just Not That Into You

Genre: Comedies

Theatrical Release:Feb 6, 2009 Wide

Starring: Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Connelly

Director: Ken Kwapis

Based on the wildly popular bestseller from Sex and the City scribes Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo, He's Just Not That Into You tells the stories of a group of interconnected, Baltimore-based twenty- and thirtysomethings as they navigate their various relationships from the shallow end of the dating pool through the deep, murky waters of married life, trying to read the signs of the opposite sex... and hoping to be the exceptions to the "no-exceptions" rule.

Gigi just wants a man who says he'll call--and does--while Alex advises her to stop sitting by the phone. Beth wonders if she should call it off after years of committed singlehood with her boyfriend, Neil, but he doesn't think there's a single thing wrong with their unmarried life. Janine's not sure if she can trust her husband, Ben, who can't quite trust himself around Anna. Anna can't decide between the sexy married guy, or her straightforward, no-sparks standby, Conor, who can't get over the fact that he can't have her. And Mary, who's found an entire network of loving, supportive men, just needs to find one who's straight.

If you've ever sat by the phone wondering why he said he would call, but didn't, or if you can't figure out why she doesn't want to sleep with you anymore, or why your relationship just isn't going to the next level... he (or she) is just not that into you.

The film boasts an all-star cast, including Academy Award® winner Ben Affleck (Good Will Hunting, Hollywoodland) as Neil; Jennifer Aniston (Marley & Me) as Beth; Drew Barrymore (Music and Lyrics) as Mary; Academy Award® winner Jennifer Connelly (A Beautiful Mind, The Day the Earth Stood Still) as Janine; Kevin Connolly (HBO's Entourage) as Conor; Bradley Cooper (Yes Man) as Ben; Ginnifer Goodwin (Walk the Line, HBO's Big Love) as Gigi; Scarlett Johansson (Vicky Cristina Barcelona) as Anna; Kris Kristofferson (Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story) as Ken; and Justin Long (Live Free or Die Hard) as Alex.

A New Line Cinema Presentation, a Flower Films Production, He's Just Not That Into You is directed by Ken Kwapis (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, NBC's The Office) from a screenplay by Abby Kohn & Marc Silverstein (Never Been Kissed), based on the book by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo. Nancy Juvonen produced the film, with Drew Barrymore, Toby Emmerich, Michele Weiss and Michael Beugg serving as executive producers and Michael Disco and Gwenn Stroman co-producing.

The behind-the-scenes creative team is led by director of photography John Bailey (Must Love Dogs), production designer Gae Buckley (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2), editor Cara Silverman (Keith), costume designer Shay Cunliffe (The Bourne Ultimatum), composer Cliff Eidelman (The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants), and Grammy Award-winning music supervisor Danny Bramson (Mission: Impossible III, Almost Famous).

He's Just Not That Into You will be distributed domestically by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company. --© Warner Bros

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Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Genre: Comedies

Theatrical Release:Jan 16, 2009 Wide

Starring: Kevin James, Jayma Mays, Keir O'Donnell, Bobby Cannavale

Director: Steve Carr

Coming off the finale of television's popular sitcom THE KING OF QUEENS and 2007's I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK AND LARRY, funnyman Kevin James takes the role of a single dad in this largely physical comedy, which the actor also co-wrote. Paul Blart (James) is a hard worker, but has never landed his dream job of being New Jersey state trooper due to his excess weight. Determined to support his mother and his daughter, Blart takes the slightly less glamorous post as the security guard at his local shopping mall. He never complains, approaching the job with impressive diligence and pride, but doesn't get much respect for it. It's only when a group of misfits in Santa's Helper disguises take hold of the mall and several hostages that Blart's would-be cop smarts come in handy and he gets a chance to shine. With a deadly situation on hand, Blart may finally be able to show the world (and his romantic interest, who just happens to be one of the hostages) what he's made of. Though the villains have several advantages over him, Blart has a Segway scooter and a big heart on his side. While many of its jokes come at the expense of James's extra pounds, the film ultimately makes its star out to be a hero. With his everyman appeal, James is well-suited to play Blart, showing that even average Joes can make a difference with the right attitude. PAUL BLART: MALL COP takes the banal out of the shopping mall, infusing a familiar setting with energy, laughs, and high-stakes drama.

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Confessions of a Shopaholic

Genre: Comedies

Theatrical Release:Feb 13, 2009 Wide

Starring: Isla Fisher, Hugh Dancy, Joan Cusack, John Goodman

Director: P.J. Hogan

In the glamorous world of New York City, Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fischer) is a fun-loving girl who is really good at shopping –- a little too good, perhaps. She dreams of working for her favorite fashion magazine, but can’t quite get her foot in the door –- until ironically, she snags a job as an advice columnist for a financial magazine published by the same company. As her dreams are finally coming true, she goes to ever more hilarious and extreme efforts to keep her past from ruining her future.

ISLA FISHER (Wedding Crashers) stars in the film from producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director P.J. Hogan (My Best Friend’s Wedding). The screenplay by Tracey Jackson and Tim Firth and Kayla Alpert is based on the books Confessions of a Shopaholic and Shopaholic Takes Manhattan by Sophie Kinsella. --© Touchstone

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Fired Up


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Artist Biography - Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne first appeared in summer 2002, touting an addictive debut single (the spunky pop/rock gem "Complicated") and a skatepunk image that purposely clashed with the polished glamour of mainstream pop. Lavigne, who was 17 at the time, quickly rose to teen idol status, selling several million copies of her debut album, Let Go (the best-selling album by a female artist in 2002), while inspiring a genuine fashion craze with her penchant for tank tops and neckties. As the decade progressed, so did Lavigne's marketable sound, which took a contemplative turn on the sophomore effort Under My Skin before reaching an aggressively upbeat tone for 2007's The Best Damn Thing. Born into a devout Christian household in the small town of Napanee, Ontario, Lavigne sharpened her vocal talents in church choirs, local festivals, and county fairs. She began playing guitar and writing songs in her early teens, focusing her early efforts on country music and contributing vocals to several albums by local folk musician Steve Medd. Arista Records caught wind of the singer and brought her aboard at the age of 16, with CEO Antonio "L.A." Reid personally taking Lavigne under his wing. She quit high school, relocated to Manhattan, and set to work with a handful of prime songwriters and producers, but the partnerships only produced country songs -- not the rock music in which Lavigne had become increasingly interested. Arista relented and instead sent Lavigne to Los Angeles, where she fashioned her melodic, edgy debut alongside such writing teams as the Matrix. Released in 2002, Let Go was the polished product, and its four high-charting singles -- "Complicated," "Sk8er Boi," "I'm with You," and "Losing Grip" -- led the album to multi-platinum status within its second month of release. Lavigne became the youngest female musician ever to have a number one album in the U.K., and she supported the wildly popular disc (which eventually gained eight Grammy nominations) with a tour of Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia. Compared with the skin-bearing antics of other teen idols -- Britney Spears chief among them -- Avril Lavigne was a new kind of superstar, one whose appeal didn't rely on sexy videos or suggestive music. She further distinguished herself by bypassing the assistance of professional writing teams during the creation of her second album, choosing instead to collaborate with singer/songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk, Evanescence's Ben Moody, and Evan Taubenfeld (who had previously worked with Lavigne as her touring guitarist). Released in May 2004, Under My Skin was more serious than its predecessor, dealing with such issues as premarital sex ("Don't Tell Me"), depression ("Nobody's Home"), and the death of Lavigne's grandfather ("Slipped Away"). The album debuted at number one in more than ten countries, went platinum within one month, and further established Lavigne as a pop icon. Incidentally, a song that was co-written by Lavigne and ultimately cut from the final track list -- "Breakaway" -- was later given to Kelly Clarkson, who used it as the title track and leadoff single for her Grammy-winning sophomore album. Lavigne married her boyfriend of two years, Sum 41's Deryck Whibley, in July 2006, just one month after the animated film Over the Hedge announced her cinematic debut (Lavigne voiced the part of Heather, a hungry opossum). She also appeared in Richard Linklater's fictional adaptation of Fast Food Nation, which was released that November. Nevertheless, she spent most of the year working on her third album, enlisting former blink-182 drummer Travis Barker to play drums and cherry-picking a variety of producers (including her husband) to helm the recording sessions. The Best Damn Thing appeared in April 2007, and its leadoff single, "Girlfriend," marked a return to the bratty, spunky punk-pop of her first album. "Girlfriend" soon became the subject of controversy as the '70s power pop band the Rubinoos sued Lavigne, claiming that her tune reworked their 1979 song "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend." No amount of bad publicity could hurt the singer, however, as "Girlfriend" became her biggest U.S. single ever and The Best Damn Thing topped album charts worldwide. ~ Andrew Leahey, All Music Guide

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Angelina Jolie Is Paris Hilton’s Idol

Celebutante Paris Hilton has confessed in a recent interview that she would like to become Angelina Jolie. She looks up to the sexy mom and actress a lot and believes that the both of them would get along very well. “I love Angelina Jolie,” Paris gushes. “She’s strong but gorgeous and uses her fame for good to make a big difference in the world. That’s a great quality. I’d have a lot in common with her.”

Paris adds: ““I don’t like it when people are liars or users - girls who are just trying to be my friend for the wrong reasons. I’ve had a lot of people in my past who were friends with me just to get publicity. When I was young, my mom or sister used to have to point out if someone was using me to make a name for themselves – you know, linking arms with me on the red carpet and trying to get in every picture. But now I can see for myself when someone is just hungry for attention.”
This seems to be a very strange sentiment, coming from the 27-year-old heiress. Considering that Paris has been traipsing around the world with her new BFF Brittany Flickinger, whom she officially befriended on-camera on her latest reality show My New BFF, she seems to be contradicting herself. My New BFF, as the title clearly suggests, is a drawn-out audition for Paris’s new best friend, chosen from a roster of applicants from all over the United States.

In an attempt to clarify things a little bit, Paris goes on to say: “I have this great test to see if a girl’s a real friend. When we’re shopping I’ll pick out an outfit that I know looks hot and one that is awful. If my friend says the bad one looks good, I know she’s not a good friend.”

Paris newest reality show project is My New BBF (British Best Friend), wherein she lets Brits take a crack this time at becoming her latest tag-along. There will be fourteen people who will vie for the title, taking on a series of challenges that will test their BBF potential.


The Genius vs Superhero

The history proves, most of the famous figures in the world comes from the people who rely more on the ability brain (mind) of its muscle (strength) it. They better take advantage of most of the time to make a breakthrough with the new-breakthrough-thinking the thoughts. Although not a few also figures in the world that reminded throughout the period because of their physical strength.

Names such as Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison Alfa, William
Shakespeare, Mozart has many Conference and inspire
the generations in the period after their death until the
now, this second. While the figures are
rely more on physical strength, most come from
myths of the past be told from generation to generation
to form a figure-ideal in the almost perfect in the desire by many people in the world. Just call names such as Hercules, Alexander
Agung, or a war strategist, Tsun Zhu combining between
strength with ingenuity.

The question now is, if you are required to
choose, which would you choose, become a genius, or the

May not be relevant if the question asks each
the answer choices may be very difficult or almost impossible to
selected.But it is not actually the core of all this. Other important things
quotation that we can remember from the figures mentioned
above is, that life in the world that this should be only once in
take advantage of the well. Use every time the
to achieve a dream and aspiration. Never surrender to fate.
Because fate will always be impartial to the intrepid, that is
Those who dare to dream, as told by
indonesian best seller author Andrea Hirata in the book series, Laskar Pelangi tetralogy.
By doing so, believe that in a moment later we can be reminded of and
by the inspiration of others. Somehow it all over the world, in all
corner of the country, or just a place in the environment around
we live. Regardless of that, it is not the main. Because the
most important is ..
During our living ..
During the brain is still capable of thinking ..
Keep trying to reach what we desired ideals ..
Keep dreaming ..
And never,
Trifle away the time in life ..
Hopefully a later time
God will embrace our dreams .....


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Short Valentines poems

Valentine day is a very special day in a person’s life that is fallen in love. It is the day of love expressing all your feelings for someone special. On this very day a person with utmost guts tells about his/her love and so it needs a high class and good quality valentine poem which keep amused into that particular world. Spending the day with your valentine with some special surprises will move your mind away in some different world. Always try to win your valentine’s heart with some innovative ideas or thoughts.

Valentines Day poems can be referred from library of some famous poets like Joyce Kilmer, Emily Dickinson, Robert Burns, Sir Walter Raleigh and few others to mention. Shakespeare known for his beautiful work in English art and literature can be the inspirational force behind a person who is highly motivated to write poems on valentine.

On Valentine’s Day presenting in a different way out will help you to move ahead. Generally, people present a bouquet, chocolates or flowers to handle the matter in a very simple way rather than opting for Valentine’s Day personalized poem to your loved one. And very few people try to celebrate in this way. Valentine poem can be the unique way to flatter your closed ones which make it own way to express or share the feeling of love.

If you are interested to gift Valentine poems to someone then you should have flair to express your words, emotions and feelings freely to your loved ones. Because it’s really valuable the way sender has conveyed his/her message. Try to separate out yourself from other by way of work. It should be such that the receiver should always cherish these moments for a long period of time. The sender needs to worry as it can be followed by some easy steps out. Just highlight some points of showing love gestures for the first time, likings of your valentine, promises and dreams to live together throughout the life etc; may serve of significance for the sender to make the receiver feel very special.

Valentines Day poems will clearly explain the sender’s feeling and sentiments by adopting a nice format style of poem along with some rhyming words. It is a better option rather than purchasing some common article to please your loved ones heart. After your poem gets over only after that you can expect some positive results. But with no doubt, your work is going to be appreciated as uniquely it makes out its own way than from others. Later, you can do some editing work if want to make some changes in it. A uniquely genuine work with genuine feelings for someone special is just worth it.

Kevin Mathews is freelance web content manager of - excellent website for finding information about different types of poems.

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Edible Chocolate Covered Fruit

Chocolate bouquets resemble bouquets of flowers in blossom. Edible Arrangements tasty fruit baskets inspired fruit bouquets are a treat for everyone on your gift list. They make sweet gifts or great treats for all occasions from a birthday, anniversary or Valentines Day gift bouquet, to a wedding, company event or even a kid's party! Our creations allow you to combine a gourmet food basket with a flower bouquet all in one delivery. Edible Arrangements delights in providing incredible Chocolate Covered Strawberries bouquets that taste as delicious as they look, you can even add chocolate covered fruit to any arrangement for the perfect edible gift! Edible Arrangements has a fresh fruit bouquet to make any occasion special - from birthdays, anniversaries and congratulations to business events and client gifts. Our bouquets are made fresh with premium fruit arranged in a variety of stunning displays. Customers can visit one of our 857 stores worldwide, order online or via phone. Each bouquet can be complemented with chocolate dipped fruit including dipped strawberries, dipped pineapple daisies, and dipped banana slices, dipped Granny Smith apple wedges and more! Make every occasion special with Edible Arrangements. Edible Arrangements is the perfect Valentine gifts for everyone on your list. Edible Arrangements offers a variety of unique Valentine ideas for all your gift giving needs this holiday season. Fresh fruit baskets sculpted to look like flowers bouquet are a fresh, delicious and unique gift. Top off your arrangement by adding Chocolate Covered Strawberries or fruit to any bouquet and make your holiday gift even more special in 2008. Perfect for everyone on your holiday list from corporate gifts, to gifts for children, parents, friends, men, girls, mom dad and complete family. So look no further for that perfect gift idea and send your loved ones something fresh, sweet and unique with a Valentine gift basket from Edible Arrangements delivered right to their door this holiday season.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Benefits of Web Hosting Services

It is really important for the web hosting business owners as well as for the end users to know what the web hosting service should offer and which facilities should be included in a good plan. This will help the business men to provide their customers with right quality of amenities and also the customers to select the best service provider.

With the help of web hosting you can run a site, which will feature the information, images, audio files, videos and many more thoroughly describing the site's purpose. Entire world will be able to know about your products, services and ideas through the web network. The main intention of web hosting is providing the customer with a server space on which he can store these files.

The disk space allows you to upload or save the codes and files which collectively make the website. The bandwidth is essential as it helps the site to handle a large number of visitors i.e. web traffic. You can also get the information from your web host that which type of customers are mainly accessing your website and how long they are staying on the web pages. This information is extremely helpful for those who wish to improve their business from all aspects.

Another crucial benefit of web hosting is that you can create several e-mail accounts on your website which depicts sheer professionalism and also enhances customer reliability. You can very well understand that while communicating with the customers through email, if you send it from your website's address, the customer will depend on you and will not question the credibility of the company.

Web hosting also allows you to create the databases which is simply indispensable for the online business owners. The other exciting features that you can add to your website with the help of a web host include shopping carts for e-commerce sites, forums, communities and chat panels. These features help in communicating with the customers and know their views on the site.

A well functioning server is the key to success for the web sites and the web hosting service plays an important role in this field. If the server crashes down every now and then, your visitors might have a problem viewing the site which is not desired at all. Even with shared web hosting or managed hosting you can get great server quality provided the host has a back up server.

Advertisement is one of the open business secrets that can be easily accomplished by the good web hosting services. It allows you to promote your products and services to the worldwide customer base which brings in thousands of potential customers increasing the sales several folds. Low cost web hosting service is another aspect of web hosting which is cost effective and affordable to everyone.

These are few of the important and remarkable benefits of web hosting and there are many others which you can understand only after availing this service from an authentic and renowned provider.

Anand is a webmaster for Domain India & Web Hosting India visit:

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Importance of Search Engine Optimization

The primary way of finding a web site on the Internet is by taking the help of search engines as a result web sites with excellent search engine listings may see a remarkable flow of traffic. There is a general belief among people who are new to the working of the search engine is that it involves human aspect which is totally incorrect. The fact is that the listings or ranking done by search engines is a fully automated process performed by computer programs.

They visit each web site and decide under which category, term the web site should appear. Millions of web sites compete for good search engine listings but the irony is that most of the Web sites get poor rankings or even worse scene is where some web sites many even fail to appear on the search engine listings. Therefore just submitting a Web Site to the search engine is one part and getting a good listing is another part of the Job, where the role of Search Engine Optimization comes.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is described as a process which enables the web site to get a good listing, resulting in increase in the traffic flow to the web site from various search engines. This process is also actively used to attract quality visitors to the web site. Many people also treat it as one of the integral part of Search Engine Marketing process which can often give good returns therefore the web site owners pay special attention to SEO right from the beginning of construction of the web site.

The keyword used to obtain the desired search results by the visitors is one of the critical factors which decide the quality of visitors at the site. For example there may be visitors who would like to make purchase or there could be those visitors who would search a web site just for downloading or viewing some particular information. It could also be a visit to the web site for a newsletter sign up or a request for further information.

Since the search engines do not get any money for sending the traffic to the web sites in case of normal searches made so they keep on changing the combination of factors which give the search results. This is due to the fact that they are making efforts on a continuous basis on improving the Search Results to encourage more people to use their Search engine.

The marketing process of the search engine is multifaceted there is no surety that the process used for Search Engine Optimization will be successful for the web site either in the short term or in the long term. Another important aspect for effective use of Search Engine Optimization is the preparedness of the web site.

If the traffic increases due to the process of Search Engine Optimization, but the site is not prepared to handle the increase of traffic, this will result in increased number of dis-satisfied visitors who are unlikely to return, which will cause more harm than benefit the site.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Link Building Tips For Add Site & Submit URL Link Directories

It is easy these days to find links easily by searching the internet for directories, however you probably need some pointers from someone with experience to help you save time and become more efficient. I currently run a link directory and submit to link directories on a daily basis, so I have a good understanding of how to get links easily and effectively.

You need to find links from Add Site directories or Submit URL or Link Directories. This is pretty easy to do, however you must know how to search to find them.

If you want to create a very effective link building plan, you must have a page on your web site where you can add other companies links. Because many directories ask for a link exchange or reciprocal link in return for a link to your web site. You want a page that is easy to update and you need to link to it from your home page.

Now I recommend you start obtaining links by searching the web. Go to your favorite search engine and we are going to find some directories. Let's say that you have a company that sells car parts. I would recommend performing searches like this to gain the highest quality links easily. See below search phrase:

intitle:car+parts inurl:links

This is going to give you a vast number of results for sites that are specifically about car parts, and you will be pointed to a URL with the word "Links" in it. This helps to save time hunting down web sites and shortens your time finding links. Some other InUrl searches you can use would be "directory" and "resources".

Then you should get creative and try different things, don't always get too specific because you can lower the amount of quality results.

Some other great link building ideas will be to find sites looking for sponsors, post in forums, create unique content that creates makes people want to link to you and more. I focus on obtaining links that are from pages that have page ranks or else pages that have high link popularity. This will help to make sure you are gaining ground fast when it comes to building your own link popularity.

Hopefully these link building and search engine optimization tips have helped. There are a wide number of great link building tips guides on the internet and search engine optimization marketing blogs. Look around and keep learning, because knowledge is key when you are an Organic SEO Consultant or guru.

Joel McLaughlin If you want to exchange links with me simply go to my Add Submit Site Link URL Directory. I also am an organic SEO consultant offering affordable search engine optimization marketing services.

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Friday, February 6, 2009

How to Promote Music Online

Promote art online is not simple but difficult: it's not like to promote a software or a technical handbook where is ok to optimize a website for a certain keyword or to write an article giving some informations about how to solve a problem. After we have finished our website and we have uploaded our music, our pictures or our writings then we have to make it visited and to achieve this goal we have to use a technique called article marketing that is about writing articles, including a link for more infos to our website, and sending them to the many article directories that can be found searching Google by "article directory". A problem of these directories is that they don't allow to put excerpts of our art directly also because would be useless to us since nobody search the internet by our name or by the title of one of our artworks if we are not famous. A good workaround is to write recensions about a famous artist or its works and concluding our review with a description of our artistic activity with a link to our website, obviously between our recension and our art should be a connection: if we paint landscapes we will not write about music or different styles like modern,fantasy or others that have no connection with our art. Then very important is to talk about something that is connected to what we are promoting since who loves landscapes probably doesn't love abstract art.

In our site, according to our kind of art, we will make available some songs, some pictures or some writings. We will pay a particular attention in promoting a novel since our excerpt, available for free download, will be an episode without its final and with at its end a link to the page from which our book can be ordered: the lack of the final serves to produce the suspense to create the need to buy the book. To sell its download on our website we can use or if we sell it as a printed book we can use that charges us the production costs that is performed only for the effectively sold copies.

Now it's time to introduce you to PubblicitAdvertising that is a visual article directory in which you can submit your articles with the possibility to attach images to them, this will not only make your article marketing more attractive to the humans but to the search engines too since they give a lot of importance not only to the article's title but also to the words that appear in the descriptive texts of the images.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In Bromo's mountain, East Java, Indonesia


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Gallery of Nature and Soul

THE EARTH VISION GALLERY, created and arranged by Josef Graf, is a thematic exhibit of photographs and watercolors contained within the covers of a book. The premise of the exhibit, which offers a holistic experience of nature, color theory, and the soul, is to liberate nature from the bondage of our materialistic perspective.

The exhibit is a synergistic creation, divided into five segments:

1 The Black and White of Nature 2 The Color of Nature 3 The Nature of Color 4 Color Unbound 5 Nature Unbound

Beginning with a minimalist forum, the Black and White segment, nature is reduced to a polarity, dark and bright, light and shadow. The next segment, The Color of Nature, carries the observer to an arena that is laid open, spread out in an uncontainable panorama. Now, flesh is put on the bones, there are progressive increments, myriad gradations come into play.

When the viewer encounters The Nature of Color, he or she discovers that color is born in the interplay between light and dark. Blue is the first lightening of the dark. Yellow, the first darkening of the light. Green, the merging of blue and yellow, mediates. Red rises to oppose the station of green. And the colors progress in their dynamic way.

Out of primary color, comes secondary and tertiary color. And a limitless array of tone and hue, an infinity of coloration is born.

Once we come to the segment entitled Color Unbound, we find that color is bound when confined to form, unbound when released from form. Ultimately, beyond the initial period of concerted expression, the personalities of the colors become dissipated, and when rendered completely unbound, color seeks parameters in which to incarnate.

Finally, with Nature Unbound, we are brought full circle. Color becomes unbound when form is reduced to gesture. Nature, on the other hand, becomes unbound when the human Spirit implements vision, or raises perception to a higher level.

Now, as stated, we have come full circle. Nature has again been reduced to black and white. This time, instead of enhancing nature with color, it is vitalized by means of sentient inspiration, the heart's natural forum.

We are called upon to meet the challenge of embracing nature by raising consciousness to a level equal to the power that color embodies. If we can take hold of nature in her basic elemental form, and vitalize it the way color does, but in our own egoic way, we can help liberate nature from the bonds fashioned by our materialistic consciousness.

The full exhibit - The Earth Vision Gallery - can be accessed on the Earth Vision site

About the Author

J Graf is the coordinator of Insight21 - and the sister site, Earth Vision - - - - doorways for the 21st Century.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Avril Lavigne Sk8er Boi

Sk8er Boi was used in many different media outlets. It has been heard in the television show Cold Case. It also appears in the video games Elite Beat Agents and SingStar Pop. In 2003, the song was optioned for a movie by Paramount Pictures but has either been abandoned or is in development hell.

The song Sk8er Boi is about a preppy girl and a skater boy. The boy openly likes the girl but she refuses to tell him her true feelings, that she likes him back, because of peer pressure from her friends. Eventually he becomes a rock star and she sees him on television. She regrets not telling him her feelings while she had the chance. He is now dating someone else.

Some people trace the inspiration of the song to Marc Gould who Lavigne was dating at the time. Other people say that Sk8er Boi is Lavigne's autobiography, with one small exception, she is the skater that liked a preppy boy.

The music video was directed by Francis Lawrence. The video starts with a man in an alley with a mound of spray paint on the ground. He is advertising for a concert that Lavigne is hosting. The video continues with advertising seen everywhere from computers and cell phones to coffee cups. There is even a star, the symbol of her concert, spray painted on the road. In the middle of the music video it shows Lavigne and her band setting up for a concert on top of cars. The concert begins and people start filling in around the cars. Eventually the police try to stop the concert. They start putting people into the police car and Lavigne finishes her concert by smashing her guitar into a windshield. The last shot of the video is of a helicopter flying over Lavigne and Lavigne looking up at it. FYI If you watch the music video closely you'll see that Lavigne switches from blue to black pants with her green shirt halfway through the music video.

In the music video Lavigne is wearing a green and gold shirt from Wilkesboro Elementary in North Carolina. She picked the shirt up at a thrift store in New York. Orders poured into Wilkesboro from all over the world for the T-shirt Lavigne had worn in the video. The shirts had been out of circulation for four years but were reprinted. The school earned enough money from the t-shirt sales to buy new computers.


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