Friday, February 6, 2009

How to Promote Music Online

Promote art online is not simple but difficult: it's not like to promote a software or a technical handbook where is ok to optimize a website for a certain keyword or to write an article giving some informations about how to solve a problem. After we have finished our website and we have uploaded our music, our pictures or our writings then we have to make it visited and to achieve this goal we have to use a technique called article marketing that is about writing articles, including a link for more infos to our website, and sending them to the many article directories that can be found searching Google by "article directory". A problem of these directories is that they don't allow to put excerpts of our art directly also because would be useless to us since nobody search the internet by our name or by the title of one of our artworks if we are not famous. A good workaround is to write recensions about a famous artist or its works and concluding our review with a description of our artistic activity with a link to our website, obviously between our recension and our art should be a connection: if we paint landscapes we will not write about music or different styles like modern,fantasy or others that have no connection with our art. Then very important is to talk about something that is connected to what we are promoting since who loves landscapes probably doesn't love abstract art.

In our site, according to our kind of art, we will make available some songs, some pictures or some writings. We will pay a particular attention in promoting a novel since our excerpt, available for free download, will be an episode without its final and with at its end a link to the page from which our book can be ordered: the lack of the final serves to produce the suspense to create the need to buy the book. To sell its download on our website we can use or if we sell it as a printed book we can use that charges us the production costs that is performed only for the effectively sold copies.

Now it's time to introduce you to PubblicitAdvertising that is a visual article directory in which you can submit your articles with the possibility to attach images to them, this will not only make your article marketing more attractive to the humans but to the search engines too since they give a lot of importance not only to the article's title but also to the words that appear in the descriptive texts of the images.

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