Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Genius vs Superhero

The history proves, most of the famous figures in the world comes from the people who rely more on the ability brain (mind) of its muscle (strength) it. They better take advantage of most of the time to make a breakthrough with the new-breakthrough-thinking the thoughts. Although not a few also figures in the world that reminded throughout the period because of their physical strength.

Names such as Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison Alfa, William
Shakespeare, Mozart has many Conference and inspire
the generations in the period after their death until the
now, this second. While the figures are
rely more on physical strength, most come from
myths of the past be told from generation to generation
to form a figure-ideal in the almost perfect in the desire by many people in the world. Just call names such as Hercules, Alexander
Agung, or a war strategist, Tsun Zhu combining between
strength with ingenuity.

The question now is, if you are required to
choose, which would you choose, become a genius, or the

May not be relevant if the question asks each
the answer choices may be very difficult or almost impossible to
selected.But it is not actually the core of all this. Other important things
quotation that we can remember from the figures mentioned
above is, that life in the world that this should be only once in
take advantage of the well. Use every time the
to achieve a dream and aspiration. Never surrender to fate.
Because fate will always be impartial to the intrepid, that is
Those who dare to dream, as told by
indonesian best seller author Andrea Hirata in the book series, Laskar Pelangi tetralogy.
By doing so, believe that in a moment later we can be reminded of and
by the inspiration of others. Somehow it all over the world, in all
corner of the country, or just a place in the environment around
we live. Regardless of that, it is not the main. Because the
most important is ..
During our living ..
During the brain is still capable of thinking ..
Keep trying to reach what we desired ideals ..
Keep dreaming ..
And never,
Trifle away the time in life ..
Hopefully a later time
God will embrace our dreams .....


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