Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Link Building Tips For Add Site & Submit URL Link Directories

It is easy these days to find links easily by searching the internet for directories, however you probably need some pointers from someone with experience to help you save time and become more efficient. I currently run a link directory and submit to link directories on a daily basis, so I have a good understanding of how to get links easily and effectively.

You need to find links from Add Site directories or Submit URL or Link Directories. This is pretty easy to do, however you must know how to search to find them.

If you want to create a very effective link building plan, you must have a page on your web site where you can add other companies links. Because many directories ask for a link exchange or reciprocal link in return for a link to your web site. You want a page that is easy to update and you need to link to it from your home page.

Now I recommend you start obtaining links by searching the web. Go to your favorite search engine and we are going to find some directories. Let's say that you have a company that sells car parts. I would recommend performing searches like this to gain the highest quality links easily. See below search phrase:

intitle:car+parts inurl:links

This is going to give you a vast number of results for sites that are specifically about car parts, and you will be pointed to a URL with the word "Links" in it. This helps to save time hunting down web sites and shortens your time finding links. Some other InUrl searches you can use would be "directory" and "resources".

Then you should get creative and try different things, don't always get too specific because you can lower the amount of quality results.

Some other great link building ideas will be to find sites looking for sponsors, post in forums, create unique content that creates makes people want to link to you and more. I focus on obtaining links that are from pages that have page ranks or else pages that have high link popularity. This will help to make sure you are gaining ground fast when it comes to building your own link popularity.

Hopefully these link building and search engine optimization tips have helped. There are a wide number of great link building tips guides on the internet and search engine optimization marketing blogs. Look around and keep learning, because knowledge is key when you are an Organic SEO Consultant or guru.

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