Monday, March 30, 2009

More Get Followers in Twitter

Check this out to more get followers in Twitter. Get the application name's Tweetergetter. It's more than you thing. Dont mis it.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Internet Business With Blog ( part 3 )

The key
of the business Internet with blog to be successful only
one, namely traffick. Traffick is the number of visitors who go to our blog. The more visitors the better and will make
our increasingly crowded blog. Advertising opportunities that we attach to the blog
click-in will be the greater. Traffik can earn from our Search
Engine, links exchange with another blogger, join the community
blog, the mailing list, blogwalking and many others.
But from a variety of ways to bring traffick, the
Where did the most powerful to attract visitors? If you
ask this question to the master internet business, answers
and they certainly have to be sure of is the Search Engine.
Yes it can .. If you links exchange with others, how you do it in 1 hour. I think not more
of 20 times and not click
ad. Because you get to the link exchange is also blogger
thatalso likely to run a business through the internet blog
its the same as you. So the possibility is small to click
your ad. Even if you use other ways such as manual blogwalking and comments, is only to each other and strengthen friendship between the blogger, and for each other and share
sharing knowledge.
Join the community and mailing list are also able to bring
traffick, but it's only the result is still far when compared with the
traffick from search engines. If you are charming and can make the word
keyword (keyword) you select for your blog and articles, surely
the visitor came from many different countries to your blog
through search engines.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Internet Business With Blog ( part 2 )

After my explanation about the programs of the money in
Internet Business With Blog ( part 1 ), I will now try
describe the programs of money in Business Internet With Blog of the second section. This is the continuation of my article:
4. Referral To Pay (PTR)
If you register your blog in the programs that I
mentioned in the article I Internet Business With Blog part 1,
then you will find that in every program you will
be offered by program providers to introduce the program to the other
bloggers. You copy and paste the code
given, usually shaped banner, into your blog. Every
blogger or have visitors who register to the program through
referral banner or text that you install in your blog,
you will get a commission.
5. Upload File
You have a collection of music files, mp3, mp4, or photos you
want to be? Why not try to upload your files to the service
who can pay for your files are. Payments will be
given if there is a file that you download through this site. The
means you can promote your file in the blog and link to
site service. The most popular service among
blogger is This service is able to upload different types of
files from Mp3, Mp4, file pdf document, photo or image
format GIF, JPG, JPEG, and so forth. Other services that you can
use is or

For while it is the only I can explain. Of course there are many more programs in the business of money
Internet through blogs you can follow. Or if you can
progran-added programs that I know not if, you
can send them through to share with a comment on this post.
I will be very grateful because it means that you assist
increase my knowledge.


Internet Business With Blog ( part 1 )

This time I want to try to explain a range of business internet with blog, as far as I know of course. Because I also
still a beginner, still have much to learn. OK we start it
from the first program that you can follow to start a Internet business with blog.

1. Program Pay Per Click (PPC)
If this one for sure you already know, with Google Adsense
as the leader, PPC programs have at most lover
compared with the programs of the money in the internet business
through the other blog. You will be paid each time a click or
transactions with visitors from the ads you publish on the your blog.

2. Paid To Review Programs
For this program required a little skill in writing or
review a product from the advertiser. Programs that are often used by blogs
indonesian is If you are a beginner the new
start a business through the internet blog, it is no register
to this program first.
3. Pay To Click Programs (PTC)
Do not have the talent to write? Lazy to update blog, this is
program that may be suitable for you. No need to have expertise
special. Just need the capital and the empowerment of sweat fingers hands.
You will be paid for click ads that are displayed. There a
lots of ads running, so it did heating
fingers hands first before you start clicking ads, ....(?%!@) I
does not recommend this program because many cases that I read in the
Internet, program providers are not paying commission to the client program. It that mean the pogram is only scam or indirection.

It seems that first programs to earn money from The Internet business with the blogs that I can explain.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Selectivity Traffick With Alexa

For some of the bloggers, suppress Alexa widgets on the page
Blog is an absolute requirement to bring traffick. Why
? Because Alexa is a website service provider information
traffick on a blog or website. With embed
widget-widget from Alexa, you can continue to monitor data
visitors and rank your blog or website. This is important
data so that visitors to your blog is not lost and continue to increase.
At a later time visitor data on the alexa widget you
and a large crowd, you reap the results live. When there are visitors
the first time to open the blog page or your website and
see data in your alexa widgets, they will become
confident and believe will be content-content that is on your blog. Your blog
will look more professional.
Following URL address Alexa widget-widget that you can visit.
1. Alexa Page Rank
2. Alexa Toolbar
Set address of your blog or website as the homepage of the browser
you use.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Free Template For Blogger

Not yet satisfied with the default template from Blogger? Here is a
some blog / website that you can go to find the template
Before you download the template make sure you know the type
your template, if the new template, or a classic template. Because
many cases of failure due to download the template in the template you
use does not match the template will be downloaded.


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