Monday, March 16, 2009

Internet Business With Blog ( part 1 )

This time I want to try to explain a range of business internet with blog, as far as I know of course. Because I also
still a beginner, still have much to learn. OK we start it
from the first program that you can follow to start a Internet business with blog.

1. Program Pay Per Click (PPC)
If this one for sure you already know, with Google Adsense
as the leader, PPC programs have at most lover
compared with the programs of the money in the internet business
through the other blog. You will be paid each time a click or
transactions with visitors from the ads you publish on the your blog.

2. Paid To Review Programs
For this program required a little skill in writing or
review a product from the advertiser. Programs that are often used by blogs
indonesian is If you are a beginner the new
start a business through the internet blog, it is no register
to this program first.
3. Pay To Click Programs (PTC)
Do not have the talent to write? Lazy to update blog, this is
program that may be suitable for you. No need to have expertise
special. Just need the capital and the empowerment of sweat fingers hands.
You will be paid for click ads that are displayed. There a
lots of ads running, so it did heating
fingers hands first before you start clicking ads, ....(?%!@) I
does not recommend this program because many cases that I read in the
Internet, program providers are not paying commission to the client program. It that mean the pogram is only scam or indirection.

It seems that first programs to earn money from The Internet business with the blogs that I can explain.


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