Monday, March 16, 2009

Internet Business With Blog ( part 2 )

After my explanation about the programs of the money in
Internet Business With Blog ( part 1 ), I will now try
describe the programs of money in Business Internet With Blog of the second section. This is the continuation of my article:
4. Referral To Pay (PTR)
If you register your blog in the programs that I
mentioned in the article I Internet Business With Blog part 1,
then you will find that in every program you will
be offered by program providers to introduce the program to the other
bloggers. You copy and paste the code
given, usually shaped banner, into your blog. Every
blogger or have visitors who register to the program through
referral banner or text that you install in your blog,
you will get a commission.
5. Upload File
You have a collection of music files, mp3, mp4, or photos you
want to be? Why not try to upload your files to the service
who can pay for your files are. Payments will be
given if there is a file that you download through this site. The
means you can promote your file in the blog and link to
site service. The most popular service among
blogger is This service is able to upload different types of
files from Mp3, Mp4, file pdf document, photo or image
format GIF, JPG, JPEG, and so forth. Other services that you can
use is or

For while it is the only I can explain. Of course there are many more programs in the business of money
Internet through blogs you can follow. Or if you can
progran-added programs that I know not if, you
can send them through to share with a comment on this post.
I will be very grateful because it means that you assist
increase my knowledge.


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