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How To Write a Article

How To Write a Article by Graham Liner

If you're reading this, you probably have experienced some problems with how to write a article. If so, this article is for you.

Me, I struggled a lot with it at first. That's when I started researching and experimenting with ways of building up texts. Here are some good basics to compose a nice article.

1.Choose a topic

This shouldn't be too hard since most people who want to write already have something to write about. If you don't, you can find some good topics by brainstorming or just looking around in the room you're in.

2.Find a good title

You should really put some effort in finding a strong title, you're whole text will be judged by your headline. It's a good idea to put some keywords in there, but be sure that it reads fluently.

3.Create interesting content

Make sure you know a lot about your topic or you are interested enough to start doing some heavy researching on it. People will know when you're just pulling facts out of the air.

4.Intro, body & conclusion

Divide your text with an intro then move on to the body and finally write a conclusion. Here's what you want to say in these parts:

-Intro: Simply say what you're going to say in the body.

-Body: Say it.

-Conclusion: Summarize all the points you made in the body.

Start with writing your articles intro and conclusion, then write the body. You'll notice it's easier to write like this.

5.Breaking up

Break up your article in points. Use one point per paragraph, people will be more encouraged to read small parts of text instead of one giant chunk of words. Keep to a maximum of about 6 sentences per paragraph.

6.Keep it simple

Don't use difficult words if you can avoid them, readers appreciate an easy to read text, so do you.


Let people know that you know what you're talking about. Give them examples and talk about your experiences.

8.Resource box

If you're trying to get people to a blog or website, you should use a resource box.

Don't just put links in your article, keep them for the box. Don't use too many either, a max of 2 links is more than enough. Tell a bit about yourself and then go into the 'sales-line'. Something like: 'If you like more info about … go to http://...'

To wrap it up let's repeat everything I've shown you.

-Choose a topic

-Find a good headline

-Create interesting content

-First intro & conclusion, then body

-Break up in points

-Use short paragraphs

-Keep your text simple

-Use examples and share experiences

Use your resource box

About the Author

My name is Graham Liner. I've been looking for ways to promote my blog and writing articles is by far the cheapest and easiest way to go. As a matter of a fact it's completely free! If you like to find out some good do's and don'ts on writing articles, be sure to check out these Article Secrets. I hope to have been a help on how to write a article. Take care and good luck!


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